Will Forex Income Engine 3.0 Really Live Up To What Bill Poulos Makes You Believe It Will Do For You?

The Rising Popularity of Forex

The Forex market has been witnessing a recent surge in popularity with new age investors making substantial investments and showing greater interest in this field. There are various factors that can attributed to this rise in interest. One of the most obvious factors is the fact that investing in Forex is not very complicated and if you have the right resources, you can easily make a sizable return on your investments within a short span of time.

The Forex market has certainly provided for a new avenue of business for new age investors all around the world. Most people who have invested in the Forex market will describe how lucrative the investment options are and how much you can learn about trading in general. You will also hear that apart from the tempting rewards, this avenue of investment is fraught with risks and that if you are not careful about where and how you invest your money, you might end up losing everything you have and more. Most people who invest in something are not looking for a learning experience. They need to make money and they need to make it quick. In such a scenario, its not really very fun when you spend countless hours everyday staring at your computer monitor and end up with nothing much to account for all the trouble.

Who is Bill Poulos?

This is where a man called Bill Poulos could step in to change your luck when you invest in the Forex trading market. Mr Poulos has been involved in the Forex market for close to half a century now. Venturing into Forex investments in the 70’s, Bill Poulos has a rich body of experience behind him when it comes to Forex. Apart from his unbeatable experience and expertise in the field, what sets the man apart frBill Poulosom the crowd is the fact that he has been willing to admit to the fact that he has made a lot of mistakes. In fact, people who have made ground breaking contributions have always had the courage to admit that making mistakes is the surest way of consolidating your success. This is a rare and valuable trait that is seen missing in a lot of people. Bill has been in the business of Forex long before computers and the internet made Forex accessible to the vast majority of new age investors. This makes him a valuable asset to anybody looking for knowledge in this volatile field of investment. He has been sharing his knowledge with millions of starry eyed investors through the Forex income engine.

A Great FX Opportunity -

In the fast-paced modern world, earning money too can be done fast! And the most viable way to do so and become literally rich is through Forex trading. You would be surprised to see how you end up earning so much in so short while! When you want to earn some handsome extra bucks apart from your regular earnings, Forex is surely a wonderful option. Interestingly enough some people casually began Forex trading just to see how they could earn some extra money and ended up taking Forex trade as their full time occupation! But again, it should also be remembered that unless you follow certain basic guidelines and patterns, Forex can involve considerable risk. Here in lies the significance of Forex income Engine.

Forex Income Engine: What Its All About?

On the surface, the Forex income engine might seem like an application designed exclusively for the greenhorns who have absolutely no idea about what the Forex market is all about. As the wise men would say, in this case, there is definitely more than meets the eye. It is a truth that you won’t see the high flying brokers and large volume investors who have decades of experience in various forms of trading apart from Forex trading using this application. Of course, every successful trader with such experience has acquired a decent amount of information and resources over the years that have kind of defined his/her methodology of investment. Different methods work for different people. The Forex income engine is a resource that authored by Bill Poulos. It is a valuable resource for people who are making babysteps in the field of Forex and also for people who have been dabbling in Forex for a couple of years and are beginning to get disillusioned by lack of the kind of success they were expecting to make. The author makes a guarantee that you will spend half the time you are spending now in Forex investment while bringing down the risk quotient to a significant degree.

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The Custom Web-Based Trade Alert Software:

You just dial in the time frame of your choice, sit back and relax, and wait for the trend prediction softwre to alert you the instant a trade is about to set up. And no, it’s not a trading robot, more of a personal trading assistant that taps you on the shoulder letting you know when it’s time to trade giving you complete control all while using a technique that automates the filtering of bad markets for day traders.

For FIE version 3.0 Bill has decided to separate the trade alert software from the course so it’s much more cost friendly to people and traders with an optional investment on the home study course.


Here’s taking a cursory look at the contents of the course. The course is divided into two sections; one being the course itself while the second step involves a support and followup module to consolidate on the success you achieve from the course.Forex Income Engine Review 3.0

The Home Study Course: ( Now Optional Purchase from Trade Alert Software)
• CD ROM 1: The content on the first CD basically consists of a broad introduction to the trading methods that have been elaborated on in the course. Through 40 minutes worth of content, you will be getting a fair picture of what you are getting into and what kind of results you can expect from the course.

• CD ROM 2: This section covers the “Ignition Method” in detail. You will get to know how to go over the various charts and identify the appropriate setup conditions. You will also have an understanding as to placing entry points and protective stop orders along with making a quick profit while exiting the trade.

• CD ROM 3: This content lasts for just over an hour and describes the “Overdrive Method.”

• CD ROM 4: The fourth installment of the course emphases on the “Spring Method” helping you to understand how to go after one to five bar swings when a reversal counter trend move develops.

• CD ROM 5: The fifth installment focuses on how to determine good Forex brokers and how to make the most of charting software and trading platforms when venturing into trading in real time.

• CD ROM 6: This section is essentially a compilation of everything above and further elaborates on the critical concepts of risk management. This section provides valuable information on how to make a negative situation a winning proposition.

• Bonus CD ROM: Forex and trading Basics

• Reference manuals

• The Four Trading Blueprints

• Quick Start Guide: This is essentially a resource that provides a bird’s eye view of the course and advises on how you can use the course to maximum effectiveness.


• This is a great resource to find out how to minimize the risk level to the maximum apart from providing valuable inside information on the Forex market.

• It actually provides you with the ability to make the most of any platform and when the 4 golden rules are applied, you can actually stand to double or even triple your chances of success.

• It cuts down the effort and time spent in Forex in a massive way

• It is ridiculously easy to understand


• Massive amount of information in taking up any Forex home study course. You may find it a bit overwhelming to assess all the information that hits you, but the quick start guide will help you steer around the problem in no time.

• A lot of people misinterpret this to be a quick rich guide, which definitely is not the case. If you think on those terms, you will be disappointed.


The Cut To The Chase

To cut a long story short, the Forex Income Engine 3.0 may not be your shortcut to millionaire success in the Forex trading business; however, this definitely will help you to gain perspective on the Forex market and cut down on the time you spend in front of your computer trying to make the best deals in Forex. For the beginner as well as the reasonably experienced investor who has not met with substantial success, this can be a great resource to your fx daily day trading portfolio. We recommend it as it comes with Bill’s no questions asked 60 day money back gaurantee. You can’t go wrong with that and despite other bad rumors about Bill’s support on some forums we’ve personally tested his products and support with no issues.

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This video was taken from the version 2.0 FIE launch, but has the same good nitty gritty info explaining the alert program. Version 3.0 comes with some more pairs and is separated from the home study course. Check it out below!

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Hey Traders, Forex Income Engine 3.0 by Bill Poulos from Profits Run, Inc.  is coming soon!   No worries, we’re getting secret closed doors access to this revamped forex trading program to give you all the nitty gritty details on this so-called astonishing break thru trading system so you’ll know if it is right for you or not.  With so many other forex programs popping up everywhere you’ll definitely want to know if this will work or not.  Come back soon for a complete insiders Review on this new Forex Income Engine 3.0 trading alert software and home study course by world renowned trading guru and financial expert Bill Poulos.forex income engine